Welcome to the Greater Toledo Urgent Cares COVID-19 Testing Center

We currently offer a few different testing options outlined below. 

1-  In- house COVID 19 PCR test $150(not covered by insurance)

2- Pathlabs Diagnostics COVID-19 PCR: We send swabs to Path labs, most patients will receive  results in 48 to 72 hours via Pathlab in approximately 3 business days.

3- BD Veritor Rapid Antigen COVID TESTING: We have a very limited supply of the Rapid tests, which provide results in 15 minutes. These are typically reserved for patients who have COVID-19 symptoms.

4- COVID antibody test(detect immunity against COVID acquired through vaccinations or previous infection).

30-60min COVID PCR $150

15 min Rapid COVID test $100

15 min COVID Antibody test $75